Third Edition is confirmed!
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The event has been confirmed and will be held in Caorle from 22 to 26 September! Check out the schedule

Official Selections 2020
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75 works selected for the third edition of the Caorle Independent Film Festival ...

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Caorle Film Festival provides 3 days full of events, ticket-free screenings, live concerts every night and an amazing awards ceremony.

Full programme


50 works from all over the world have been officially selected for this first edition, making the Festival an international meeting point for independent videomakers.

List of Festival participants


Cinema professionals will carefully and professionally assess each work in order to award the 25 prizes. Furthermore, a popular jury will give an additional award for the most remarkable work.

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1) Communication was prompt and you will get a response within 2 days. 2) The people who run this festival love films and treat their filmmakers with respect. 3) The Town Caorle is beautiful, near Venice it's not as touristy and a lot cheaper. 4) The films, programs, panels were really engaging. One of the best festivals i've been in. I had an amazing time and will Definetly come back in the near future. Grazie mil arrivideci! 3) Hop

Sidartha Murjani

An amazing festival full of great films and so much more. You could not ask for anything more from it or its gracious and wonderful people. I highly recommend it to anyone. Grazie!

Tom Procida

I was totally suprised by the good atmospere and friendlyness of everyone of the festival. It's not a big festival yet, but it treats filmmakers and their films with a lot of respect. I think this festival will grow a lot. Can't wait for the 3rd edition next year

Joachim Jung

Despite of not attending the event, I think it was a fantastic festival in Italy. Congratulations to all crew of festival and all filmmakers.

Mehmet Tığlı