Caorle Film Festival / La Falsa Storia Di Una Vera Leggenda

La Falsa Storia Di Una Vera Leggenda

An important poet and multi-instrumentalist, acclaimed by the public and critics, named Pietro Marchino, aka Marchiú, is found dead in his home. A journalist traces the story of the deceased genius by interviewing the people who were close to him before the tragic event. The band for which he wrote the lyrics outlines a controversial character and devoted to multiple vices. Friends call Marchiú as genius, innovator and great literary and poetic mind who would have been able to bring about a great change to the now ruined musical world. The same girlfriend, however, says that addictions have consumed him from within and that, together with the female attribute, they were the sources from which he drew inspiration. From the descriptions derives a tormented and confused figure, in search of spiritual happiness trying, in vain, to abandon the worldliness in which his life raged. Marchino is the portrait of the losing loser, of the defeated from life without being able to fight for what he loved and what he believed in. From the story, the doubt arises as to why the poet made the insane gesture and whether, in fact, his death is attributable to his will.


Edoardo Magliarella






Short, Drama


Enrico Conte, Edoardo Magliarella, Nicolò Bertoldero


Official Selection 2020